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Bob Seger Thursdays
« on: March 13, 2014, 03:45:07 PM »
In trying to be more active on the boards I've been wandering around.  Hey look, a music sub-forum.

Anyway, for a little over a year I've been posting a new Bob Seger song every Thursday at -

I've always loved Bob Seger's music as throughout my life I've always formed a connection with the songs he writes and performs.  I don't claim to know what I'm talking about half the time as the scope of the little project is to go through Seger's catalog in no particular order, express my thoughts about the week's song, maybe toss in some information or facts and that's about it.  If anything it gives me weekly content to hit for my site and so I don't get completely away from writing for extended periods of time.

Any other Seger fans here?